YouthWithYou 青春有你2 Clip: LISA's dancing class! New version of EXO's The Eve LISA导师亲身传授跳舞技巧 | iQIYI

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Introduction:What kind of girls can become part of a girls group? What kind of girls can meet the standards of Class A? Our answer is: Endless possibilities! Let’s embark to explore the mystery of X!


37 thoughts on “YouthWithYou 青春有你2 Clip: LISA's dancing class! New version of EXO's The Eve LISA导师亲身传授跳舞技巧 | iQIYI

  1. iQIYI should upload the video immediately.. hahhaha the other accounts uploaded this video and they got million views already

  2. Lisa is the kindest dance instructor tho hahaha tho some fans says otherwise haha but a lot of pro dance instructor do their thing I mean not so strict but you know they really teach you harder. You know what I mean? Hahah

  3. 其实…许佳琪被lisa指导的部分还有个问题…就是她的手的动作没有层次…第二下应该收一点…反而会更好看。

  4. I Want to know who was Lisa mentor when become Trainee in YG ??

    She/He must be a good mentor for Lisa, had a trainee that now became an amazing mentor.

  5. Damn its nice but at the same time a little bit scary to see Lisa being strict and professional like that😂❤ She reminds me of J-Hope when he teach the dance moves to his members: both Lisa and J-Hope are recognized to be the most energetic and happy virus of their group but when they start to dance , they get in serious and strict mode because it's their passion and they literally dance all their live so they want everything to be clean and smooth and they can spot every mistakes there😂 Lisa also remind me of Lay(Yixing) and Jackson Wang in the first season: Yixing and Jackson were hella strict and were even scarier than Lisa is now in Youth With You! And the thing is that Lay was not even a mentor,he was the producer representative at that time, and Jackson was only the rap mentor! They are generally so silly, cool and funny but because they used to trained for 3-4 years in renowned company such as JYP and SM( who have hard training too),when they got on this show, they were a both a brand new person! BaLaNcE, YoU nEeD bAlAnCe! Lay used to say during the whole show😂😂
    Now, some people complain about Lisa being to strict, scary and nitpicking with the girls when she's only doing her job! They all expected her to go soft with the trainees but they got surprised that she was strict and scary when she's only being professional. Some Netizens complain that each 2 seconds, she stop them for a small thing when she's only spotting every mistakes that they do and want to help them perfect their dance for their first mission on stage! I kind of knew and hoped that Lisa would be like that cuz the training that she is doing to the girls in Youth With You is nothing compared to what any YG artists went through! YG company is known for having one of the hardest training session with their trainees: they want to perfect your dance, your vocals and especially your rap! They want you to develop charisma and stage presence during your trainee's days! That's YG company signature and that's why YG company is known to be a company where legends are born and that have one of the best artists and music in the kpop industry(even tho now they ain't shinning that much because it's a complete mess there😌) ! Lisa even used to practice from noon to 3-4 in the morning and perfect her dance all day+ she danced since she was little! No wonder she would be as strict and professional here in Youth With You!💁 Even Cai Xukun is as strict and nitpicking as Lisa during the show! He is like that too because he trained for a long time, debuted in 2 groups and participated in Idol Producer with the strict Lay, Jackson Wang and other known artist mentor who were strict as hell! I even know mentors on other survival shows like Youth With You that were even stricter and scarier than Lisa and that even made the trainees cry!

  6. Can anyone explain to me why Lisa can still speak in Thailand in the show? I’m confused cause all of them are Chinese rightt? Is there any language barrier going on between her and the other judges/participants?

  7. Good job girls👍 Happy birthday, dear Lisa 🎉 May you're in a good health and happy😁 Wish you can achieve all your plans, projects and resolution more and successfully this year 👍🏼👍

  8. oh my goodness look at her killing looks, her way of attention, her cuteness, her voice, her smile, her way of talking really killing n my heart n everything is stolen by barbie gal, singer, dancer, mentor LIsa

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