Twinkling Stars – Rainmeter Theme For Windows PC

Twinkling Stars – Rainmeter Theme For Windows PC 2019

Tutorial video on rainmeter. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to like my videos & SUBSCRIBE for more. 🙂

Download Links:


Detox by sn37:

Cleartext for Rainmeter [v4.2 | 26/Nov/2017] by Redsaph:

Fountain of Colors, desktop music visualizer by alatsombath:

MarcIcons 1.0 by MarcianoZx:

Rainmeter – Simple Media 1.1 by lilshizzy:

Stars_Necessary Files_Tanjim:


Murad – Sunset (Inspired By Alan Walker) [NCN Release]

Support Murad:
Facebook :

Song: Chime & Adam Tell – Whole (Rob Gasser Remix) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Fireflies Wallpaper by t1na:


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30 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars – Rainmeter Theme For Windows PC

  1. I didn't get that tari bliss ane now playing on the left on screen…so baars even cant open ao what should i do ?

  2. i have problem with the layer 1. i got 1920×1080 resolution but the problem is it gets blurry when i set to 125%. can you help me with the width and height for 1080p with 125% of the Change the size of text, apps, and other items? i'm still figuring out how to set it 😭

  3. My monitor is 1920×1080 but why is that 1920×1080 settings in star layer does not fit my desktop perfectly?

  4. hey tanjim i have done your elegant theme video it was working very nice
    but then i watched your this video and i deleted the rainmeter and all other things
    and now i am trying to do this video but they are not downloading like yours and its not working also

  5. Thank you very much. I had a lot of difficulties because of this application and thanks to you, everything was easier. Thank you

  6. Vai, Detox puro ashtesay na!!?…JUST date & nor dragable just clickable. after click open note pad… 🙁

  7. The link of this google drive from where the zip file is downloaded is not available. It says that the file does not exist.
    What to do now? Please reply asap

  8. I have 1280 x 1024 i set the things all up good and running but the problem is the star layer it won't fit 😐

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