The NEW Windows Terminal is Finally Released! – Here's Why It's Awesome

It’s finally out of beta! Find out what makes it so cool.
• Terminal on Microsoft Store:
• Terminal Docs:
• User made themes:
• Adding advanced powershell plugins:

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47 thoughts on “The NEW Windows Terminal is Finally Released! – Here's Why It's Awesome

  1. The first tool that someone will build for this is a GUI to help people access the gazillion parameters more easily; after all, GUI = TheM$WindozeWay(tm) .. … … I wonder if they'll now catch-up to 30-plus -year-old Unix/X and provide different window managers as well?

  2. Have you ever had a Girlfriend , If Bill gates has a daughter i am sure he would love you as a son in law …lol…You are so clever its unreal .

  3. Great Product so far, but a bit late. I stick on Linux only since Vista came out and had this functions there already then. But a good step in the right direction for Windows. :thumbsup:

  4. As a Linux user i tried it, and i am afraid to say it is useless, nothing works, i could not even run python scripts on it. Sorry folks.

  5. Been using it since it is as in alpha. Only downside is the configuration is a json file(no settings menu) , but it is very easy to change and is a great terminal!

  6. Notepad++ haven't used that in ages..!! Oh wait I don't use Windows for any serious work anymore 😁

  7. This has been available on the Windows app store as "Windows Terminal (Preview)". Seriously helps managing WSL environments.

  8. I've been using it because if you have multiple WSL instances (especially if you have a few instances of the same deploy running in parallel) you can navigate between them easily via the dropdown list of environments.

  9. I feel like this is a step to long game out Linux like what Microsoft has done with everything they have ever adopted

  10. Can I apply a different theme if I open the terminal as Admin? Making it red in the background so I know it's dangerous

  11. How can you let the Windows Terminal start whenever you turn on your Computer? I tried to create a shortcut in the autostart folder, but it doesn't work.
    Can somebody help me? 🙂

  12. I'm sorry to be that guy, but you got your terminology wrong.
    Windows Terminal is a console/terminal, same as Console Host. Console Host is the UI you see when you open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) or PowerShell, or WSL or even non-CLI programs such as ssh.exe or Far Manager.
    Command Prompt and PowerShell are shells, and they are a subset of the programs that are written for the Windows Console Subsystem.

  13. This is their take on Conemu, I do like it though and will definitely be checking this out, I always have heaps of command prompts open and this will save a lot of real estate. Thanks for sharing this

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