Taeyeon SNSD, the girl who has everything but happiness

The idol had a glorious career, but when she turned 31, she couldn't smile happily.

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35 thoughts on “Taeyeon SNSD, the girl who has everything but happiness

  1. Taeyeon, you will always have infinitely more love than you could ever imagine. We love you lots, please take care of yourself.

  2. U don't need to write such title to get views on your video, it's heartbreaking for sones, and she doesn't have everything, and no there's time when she has this happiness, so leave her alone. To sones she's one of the strongest women we ever knew, and yeah she suffered a lot of hate from such immature people but still she didn't give up, it's sad to see some comments say, I hope she doesn't end up like oppa or the two other unnies

  3. why do taeyeon gets so many hate despite for being a legend, queen, talented, and pretty asf? KNETZ SUCK

    ok, i'm not generalizing korean people because i love them so much but i felt disappointed about the knetz's reaction on every idols' little tiny bit flaws like they're dying to be perfect and they're conservative as FUCK. this is why many korean idols felt much better with international netz because they're versatile and most of them can understand and doesn't care about their idols' flaw.

    Edit: i'm sorry for this but a lot of knetz need to whoop their whiny asses out right NOW

  4. Taeyeon to me is the strongest idol i have ever seen. she got so much hate for dating and therefore had to sacrifice that happiness. some of her closest friends have died due to pressures from the industry what the hell..it honestly makes me so sad just thinking about it. her no1 supporter her dad unfortunately passed away, he’s the one who took her every weekend to vocal lessons however wanted to protect her from the dangers of being an entertainer. I hope taeyeon will be more happy and i will support her forever no matter what.

  5. Taeyeon please stay strong 😭 i think she needs her co-members so that she will never feel alone again.

  6. I just wish Taeyeon to never listen or read those hate comments they're not even worth it…….just believe and trust yourself and then one day you'll see that overcoming these will help you and give hope to others as well… we your loyal fan will be by your side always and will keep praying for you so keep fighting🙏

  7. Wtf is this video and its title!!!!!!!!!! U cant be the one who judge of her happiness!!!! Even if her life looks like what u think, u cant wrote the title like this, u just make it worst! U could just send your condolence in nice sentences, not by judging her happiness and mentioning all her suffering, u know depressed person could be have worst thought about her life by affirmation such as what this video about. Im not dislikeing this but u could be better than this video, thanks

  8. Im 'always here' for her, I have loved her for 10 years and it will be so on..
    people need to stop hate her and mind their own business.

  9. She is the strongest woman. I want to hug her. I want to love her as much I can. Thank you for her family who always beside her when I can't stand beside her.

  10. 제발 행복해줘요…
    소원은 소녀시대가 기쁜 게 제일 행복한 사람이에요
    언니들한테 안 좋은 말 내뱉는 사람은 시궁창같은 삶에서 조그만 행복 하나도 찾지 못한 사람들이에요. 소원은 소녀시대라는 행복을 찾았는데 언니들이 속상하면 안 돼ㅠㅠ 항상 언니들을 응원하는 사람들이 훨씬 더 많다는 거 잊지 말아줘요ㅜ
    힘들지 마요 사랑해요 소녀시대❤️

  11. Please change the title its make taeyeon looking soo unhappy..when she see this it's must be makes her more sad

  12. Keep your chin up for everything you've been through, you are the female figure that I can look up to, your kindness, creativity and your caring heart. Don't ever loose yourself over hatred of other's people… Your worth is NOT defined by others, you've created it within yourself and your humble heart. Fighting Taeyeon!! I am excited for your upcoming album, and wish someday I could attend at your concert ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Don't you think what will Taeyeon feel when she sees the title of the video!

  14. I really hope she doesn't get worse to the point she ends up like Jonghyun, Sulli, or Goo Hara. I love Taeyeon so much and I hate the pain she goes through.

  15. why say unlucky, just say up and down in life, I think Unlucky is depresed word that not suitable to use, if we change the concept of unlucky to up and down in life, we can face life better….

  16. Its not bad luck. Shit just happens. Life happens but she is not unlucky.. these people who are so damn hateful need to stop hating on this girl and other idiols…

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