Redmi Note 9 Pro – THIS IS IT!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro OFFICIAL Specifications are out, and they’re quite surprising. Looks like Xiaomi is planning to put all the exciting features into the Note 9 Pro Max and not the Note 9 Pro.

Let’s talk about the Design, Features, Camera, and what can you expect from the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

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29 thoughts on “Redmi Note 9 Pro – THIS IS IT!

  1. I hope the next gen, redmi note 10 pro will have amoled panel, IR blaster, NFC, still have 3.5 jack audio port and triple sim tray for dedicated micro sd, and good audio dac..
    This feature is simply needed for me..

  2. If this thing had a 90hz display this would've been a game changer but unfortunately no it doesn't have one

  3. G90T has an edge over the sd 720 and 730G in terms of Gaming so, don't bither buying them for gaming purpose.While lets see what the pro max offers?

  4. Why do people care so much about the 60 Hz… the difference is not even that significant and it drains more battery so I dont even want to have such display

  5. Redmi Broke 9 😆😆 aye bro I told you your name is mentioned in one of these links on the Motorola Edge Plus, check both of these links

  6. Cheap phones have worst quality amoled panels. It's better to have good quality LCD than mediocre amoled panels.

  7. The specs are disappointing because Mediatek chip in note 8pro it was too good, but the people still bashed it as bad(yet ita still getting Android 10 and probably 11).

  8. Only Youtuber who gives Correct information of upcoming smartphones
    Instead of others who gives us fake information TechDroider is Good
    And the way of talking and presenting is also good
    Keep it up bro

  9. 9t was grate device bt I dont like pop up. So I'm still waiting for that kind of all rounder with out pop up😂

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