Postal codes in the Netherlands

Postal codes in the Netherlands, known as postcodes, are alphanumeric, consisting of four digits followed by two uppercase letters. The letters ‘F’, ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘Q’, ‘U’ and ‘Y’ were originally not used for technical reasons, but as almost all existing combinations are now used these letters were allowed for new locations starting 2005. The letter combinations ‘SS’, ‘SD’ and ‘SA’ are not used for historical reasons.
The first two digits indicate a city and a region, the second two digits and the two letters indicate a range of house numbers, usually on the same street. Consequently, a postal address is uniquely defined by the postal code and the house number. On average, a Dutch postal code comprises eight single addresses.

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  1. I want to know how to fill Netherlands postcode in a curriculum that demanded for 5digit post code.
    I want to promote my fB page and it ask i should fill in my back details, now it gets to a point that i have to fill in my postcode in 5digit, but Netherlands is 4number with two alphabet. I don't know what to do?., no option left for me to put in the 4number or 6.

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