PHP Classes & Objects – Introduction to OOP PHP Programming

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Learn the basics of PHP classes and objects in this object oriented (OOP) PHP programming video. I first go over the syntax and lingo like properties, methods, object operator and how to define a simple class with the mentioned attributes (a collection of properties and methods). I then define a class called Game with some properties and one method to print game information to the screen. You should have a good understanding of how classes and objects work in php after watching this video.

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24 thoughts on “PHP Classes & Objects – Introduction to OOP PHP Programming

  1. I find $this so confusing, I understand how you use it in your example if accessing a property of a method. But often I see something where the dart is used like this in CodeIgniter

    $this ->load -> view (“aboutus”)

    What does this mean? It seems just like you are saying load this view. So where are the properties or methods in this type of statement

  2. When someone understands something really good he can easily transfer knowledge to other people.
    Salute to you sir Clever Techie!

  3. Why we use classes in php? Please reply it's urgent. I have give interview and they ask, I don't know why use classes?

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