*NEW* All Ro Ghoul Codes *4M RC CELLS + 5M YEN* • 2020 May

*NEW* All Ro Ghoul Codes *4M RC CELLS + 5M YEN* • 2020 May

Hey guys and today I will be going over all the new working codes for Ro ghoul as of the month of May 2020! These codes will be working for the month of May 2020 so make sure to use them while they are valid. These codes will be giving you a bunch of yen and RC you don’t wanna miss out on these brand new working codes for the Roblox game Ro ghoul!

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36 thoughts on “*NEW* All Ro Ghoul Codes *4M RC CELLS + 5M YEN* • 2020 May

  1. I can call this misleading content and report it because in the title he sais 4M RC and 5M YEN but in the actual, that's not what we get…

  2. I see the codes and i just liked it i dont now why this video has so many dislikes but you gained new sub

  3. This dudes eyes make it look like he smoked about 50 pounds of weed, then did a couple lines in his room before shooting this legit and real video, or that he hasn't slept for about 6 days, I'm thinkin' both.

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