Neverwinter Nights 2 – My Favorite DnD Game!

I never had the opportunity to get into Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming growing up; instead, I had video game RPGs. My favorite amongst them? Neverwinter Nights 2, hands down. The DnD RPG was released in 2006 and I spent countless hours creating new characters and running them through the well-written campaign. With hundreds of class combinations, skills, feats, magicks, and more, you could really create a unique character to fit your playstyle! It was an absolute blast and I’d like to share a taste of that experience with you today.

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No copyright infringement intended. Neverwinter Nights 2 copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to Obsidian Studios. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the gameplay and associated commentary.

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42 thoughts on “Neverwinter Nights 2 – My Favorite DnD Game!

  1. Love this game. Still have the base game and Mask of the Betrayer. Never played it since getting a new pc, but definitely going to start again tonight.
    Need to get my hands on Storms of zehir again, loved the open world.

  2. Neverwinter Nights 2 is MY Favorite D&D and Forgotten Realms game as well. I first played it in 2013 and definitely fell in love with everything.

  3. I remember the first time playing this and being AMAZED by the graphics. Only a gamer would find HD swaying grass and shrubs to be the coolest thing ever.

  4. Can you share what version of NWN2 this is? For example the GOG version or Steam?
    Your gameplay looked very smooth! My version from back in the day now has a horrible camera stutter on Win10 that I can't get rid of. 🙁

  5. I yess….
    I remember one time when I was a warrior… I wanted to be a good guy but somehow little by little I tuned into an asshsole. After many battles one of which bellow the earth, I ended up stranded in one of the hells that turns out to be a frozen place tricked by one of the bosses after I tried to seduce her, it appears I wanted all including her. I also had a night elf babe for a side kick with the kobold bard Deekin as a comic relied of the group… I was a capable dude with a fearsome party.
    Well I managed to be the hero, I freed them from the evil overlord… But I ended up the ruler and went full Conan the Barbarian on the world conquering kingdom after kingdom, being even worse but none dared stood in my way. I married the night elf and I was remembered as one of the worst things to happen… And all I wanted was to be the hero, yet I ended up the tyrant… I felt cheated by the game and at the same time amazed and entertained by my own adventure that I had no idea how it will end.

  6. My favorite D&D PC game too! Basically fixed all the things I did not like about the first Neverwinter Nights.

  7. Holy sh…
    This video just made me remember that I played this game ages ago, loved it, but never finished it for whatever reason.

    I think I'll have to correct this failure of mine.

  8. No diety?? I was only half paying attention to the intro, but I had to stop what I was doing in shock. Do you know what happens to people who reject the gods in D&D? xD

  9. You're entitled to your opinion, but NWN 1 < NWN 2.

    One of the many reasons is how mechanically bad NWN 2 runs. If you haven't restarted in a while, it will chug.

    The interface and UI is annoying and feels more like an MMO chatroom than a game setup. If you get the right mods, NWN will look better 10/10 times. And for the love of all things holy and matrimony, the god damn dialogue cutscene look. Urgh! I haven't finished it yet simply due to how poorly it runs, so the story might be the best thing since sliced bread. Although I will say I despise the "You can swap and play all characters in the party" system. I am there to play MY character, not to possess ever follower I come across.

    Long story short, I want to give the story a chance, and I like the added classes, but god damn its hard to get over how the game is made.

  10. I love this game, maybe i should do a play trough, this game changed my youth of rpg, finished neverwinter 1 also anf this version 2 times, perhaps i do 1 more with an class thats less OP

  11. Wow…sayin neverwinter 2 is better than baldurs gate 2 is like prefering to shove a screwdriver up your penishole instead of makin love with a beautifull woman

  12. Sir, do you know about the Neverwinter there are still people making new modules for NWN 2 if you're interested. You may want to check it out.

  13. My entire childhood with Baldur's Gate, then NWN and Dragon Age Origins… I had the immense luck of being playing with the best RPGs ever created. Today is all oriented to online cash grab and MMOs… All of new casuals with online-only culture, are missing that the best of RPG always will be modding.

  14. I play on a server – the server is still active and new content is always being added. Level 1 – 40, and some great stories to go through. Check it out if you like NWN2.

  15. Great great game! Love how you can find so many good custom adventures on the net. Even a version of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Save different characters for different adventures – love it! My fav ranger-fighter drow. Dualwield of course.

  16. Two movies. And honestly, the second movie works pretty well as a D&D movie. Now, you have to get past the scifi channel levels of bad acting and comically low budget. A party is built. An adventure….. adventured. It's a fun, dumb movie that actually shows some respect for the source material, unlike the first movie.

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