NetOp Vision for Chromebooks Classroom Monitoring | Update 2019

Being able to monitor what is on the screen of each student without having to physically look at the screen is an invaluable tool to have. NetOp Vision for Chromebooks makes that a simple as can be thanks to Google Classroom integration. NetOp Vision has been shown on my channel before but in the past 2 years there have been many updates and improvements. I take you start to finish on all the features (sorry it’s a little longer than my normal) and even sprinkle in a few use examples for teachers. Just wanted to say also, I and a fan of NetOp and they by no means endorse or compensate me for this video.

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One thought on “NetOp Vision for Chromebooks Classroom Monitoring | Update 2019

  1. Do you use a screen sharing or monitoring system? How do you use it to advance learning in your classroom?

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