Nero Platinum 2018 – The Multimedia Icon

Empower your digital life with Nero Platinum 2018 for high-performance multimedia. Create, burn, convert, organize, stream, and play back your media like a professional. Includes countless new features: 18 new movie design templates incl. drag & drop effect-zone, new disc menu templates as well as 12 cool design templates to create amazing vertical video movies from your smartphone shots or video clips. Your mobile footage is not widescreen. Remove black bars in widescreen projects for photos & videos. Make the best out of your files and discs.

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14 thoughts on “Nero Platinum 2018 – The Multimedia Icon

  1. Hey wanna try our trial version? You can burn a whole ONE song onto a CD!
    I'm gonna go find a way to get the software illegally now just for screwing me around and wasting my time. Mobeygrabbing fucks.

  2. But we can still burn a CD through multimedia player and the computers do tell you that already have a copy of this picture on the computer so what's new with this Nero I still did not get what it can do other than being safe and for that most of the people already have security systems installed on their PCs so what exactly it is for? Why buy???

  3. Can you upload a video using nero platinum 2018 showing how to burn a video file to a blu ray to watch on a player? I've been trying to answer this question, can nero platinum 2018 burn a video file (mp4) to a playable blu ray with menus?

  4. just another crappy sales pitches from a tech co. My installation says 'internal error in installer configuration'. Can't find anywhere to help me deal with this just another sales pitch.

  5. I was unable to find a detailed list of all the features and capabilities of this program. I searched on YouTube only to find a generic commercial that does not list all it can do or show examples. For instance, the video states that NERO can now edit in portrait mode. Does that mean if a TV is orientated to portrait that the video would display properly? Editing in portrait and exporting in portrait are not the same.

    What if someone shot a video in landscape and rotated it to portrait. Would it export as portrait without the bars on either side? It would be great if you made another video in portrait and uploaded it so I can play it on my monitor that is orientated to portrait to see how it looks.

    Can clips be reversed?

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