NeoDownloader Review + Coupon – Bulk Image & Video Downloader

NeoDownloader Review – Bulk Image Downloader, Video & Song Downloader
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NeoDownloader is a bulk downloader for all sorts of media. Think of it as an bulk image, song, and or video downloader. Allowing you to get a ton of files fast & efficiently. Whether it’s an image gallery or entire web page you can define what you want to grab & have NeoDownloader take care of the rest. Super simple to use copy, paste, download.

Neo Downloader – How it works:

It works by first defining what it is you want to download from. This is done by pasting in the URL into the new project or download your starting. You can give your project a name for example “National Geographic Gallery”. Paste the URL & you can choose to define what you want it to grab. It can be the entire web page, videos only, images only and so on. You can fur-ther define what you by using advanced filters that allow you to specify file types like .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, etc.

NeoDownloader Review – Bulk Image Downloader, Video & Song Downloader
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You can even download from password protected sites. Downloads can be done up to 20 simul-taneous connections as well. Neo Downloader itself features a great interface that allows you to preview all downloaded material within the app. It’s especially great for images in that you have a grid or list view for you to preview the images after you’ve grabbed them. You can also manage all your download projects simply within the download tree on the left.

Features & Benefits:

Here’s a overview of the features NeoDownloader packs

• Easy to use even for beginners, no pop-ups or banners.
• Downloads your choice of image, audio, video, and any other files.
• Downloads URL ranges (fusker links like
• Downloads list of URLs – you can specify any amount of URLs.
• Downloads from almost any sites, including TGP and password protected sites.
• Advanced filtering – allows you to download only those that you want and to avoid unwanted content.
• Allows up to 20 simultaneous connections.
• Includes built-in image viewer with slideshow capabilities and audio/video player.
• Supports ZIP/RAR archives.

NeoDownloader Review – Bulk Image Downloader, Video & Song Downloader
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What so beneficial in using a bulk image downloader is that it allows you to grab files all at once versus manually. Let’s say for example you want a series of wallpapers for your computer & want to download them from a gallery. You can spend a ton of time saving each one by one. However using Neo Downloader allows you to save considerable amount of time & automate this whole download process. Quickly define what you want to be downloaded & have Ne-oDownloader take care of the rest. There is ton of advanced properties of course which you can define depending on your needs.

Summary & Coupon:

Overall NeoDownloader is just a great tool to have if you are constantly downloading se-ries of data. Great for bulk downloading photos, documents, video and many more file types. Save time & improve your overall efficiency with NeoDownloader.

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NeoDownloader Review – Bulk Image Download, Video & Song Downloader
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4 thoughts on “NeoDownloader Review + Coupon – Bulk Image & Video Downloader

  1. Neodownloader is a rip off!!! it used to work. but stopped so i just paid for the upgrade and it still downloads zero files.

  2. If you download images from a website which has a thousand images or more, is there any way that neodownloader can sort these in folders as it downloads?
    Eksampel: we have which has 2 galleries

    Can neodownloader create folder galleri1 and galleri2 and sort the images into the respective folders from which the images come from?

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