Neo Vision System EXPLAINED With CG Cloud Pulls! | FFBE

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I’m really, REALLY excited for the Neo Vision system to come to FFBE in Global! Honestly, Neo Visions seem like the thing that I need most to keep loving FFBE. It will be a breath of fresh air, and the new FF7 Remake CG Cloud looks AMAZING and I would love to use him!

What do you guys think about this system? What changes would you want to see before it arrives in GL? Share in the comments below!

Intro & outro music is from TheFatRat’s “Mayday”:

Background music is from TheFatRat’s “1 Million Subscriber Megamix”:

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43 thoughts on “Neo Vision System EXPLAINED With CG Cloud Pulls! | FFBE

  1. so i got a cloud 5 star i awakened him to 7 and he can become nv why even if i got all the materials and money etc wgy it wont let me?

  2. Man it seems so stupid that a 7-star with its STMR only yields 50 frags/2 common pearls. I feel like they could've at least pushed the ratio up to 75/3. :/ Hopefully that'll change for the global release.

  3. Wait so the original FF7 cloud on the globa side is the neo vison ?? Or is this a whole new cloud FF7

  4. THIS is the video I needed. I'm a jp player but I let my account get piloted for a while and when I got it back I was was beyond lost. Granted my account was drastically better and way less depressing but now I didn't know how to play the game because there was so much going on.
    Thank you.

  5. I don't play the JP version either but in GL I can tell we'll love this, I'm pretty sure Gumi will follow the same route it followed with the summon fest units, and NV units may allow you to focus on a unit you love and it completely changes the way powercreep works, I mean if you love a unit and you're able to get it to NV Ex+3, it'll probably be better than new units at just ex+0 (maybe not) but one can only hope!

  6. I started back on jp, and the only thing I do not like is it was promise you get shards from the shop and logins and from events. I’m 5 shards short of getting Neo Cloud at Ex level one they forgot to mention to get more shards you need duped and crush that dupe unit into shards. then there the orbs most of them are from the shop that use lapis the same with the shards you get enough shards to get Ex level one unfortunately you have to get shards from the shop that is 5k lapis.

  7. So in relation, it's like the Limit System in place with WOTV. Aside from the Awakening Levels, I've been collecting unit fragments and pearls (increasing fragments + pearl) from pulls and exchange medals for fragments (or shards in the game). Very grind heavy for limited units like Orlandeau. But WOTV level capping is quite low so the limit feature boosts unit level caps, unlike in FFBE (main) which has progressed so much, so it uses the EX rating and that brave shift is a nice implement.

  8. I need help, I'm new to this game and I got 3 NV Cloud, already transfer one to material to awaken my main NV cloud, what do I do with another one? Do I transfer it or just put 2 of them on the same team?

  9. So what it seems like to me, is that they're trying to play the same system (or at least a very similar one) to FFBE WotV, where Lapis can be used to get mats to make your units better, but not actually stimulating the lapis economy in any way, thus promoting even more spending… Like, plenty of people (myself included) spend tons on this game already, so this just seems really greedy to me.

  10. Got this guy in single multipull

    Db legend LL units pull rate still the worse.

    Edit:already got another dupe.

  11. Haven't played FFBE in SOOOOOO long (last time I logged in was for the star ocean anamnesis collab) because of DFFOO but I love this new system and it actually might make me start playing FFBE again. Nice video. Looking forward to more information on the new gacha system.

  12. Oh, its similar at the dream evo for brave frontier, I KNEW IT, I knew they will do something like that

  13. Wow I stopped playing like weeks ago, maybe I’m going back to see how this works for personal experience

  14. I'm trying to see who should I get with my Select Character tickets and who's good I already got Cloud should I get more of him

  15. So f2p players will get meta neo vision units by.. Hoping and praying. The stmr stipulation is a kick in the balls

  16. 3:38 Generally yes the EX+0 is just stats increase but Tifa is a difference.
    Tifa (enhanced) burst on turn 3 at 97.5x also need stacking up
    Tifa EX+0 allow using Brave-Skill メテオクラッシャー+4 that 216x and no stacking
    Tifa EX+1 Brave-Shift LB is strongest in JP with 160x base (not count innate & active buff)

  17. I am confused because i pulled the neo vision cloud from a double crystal break on a 4 star i did with a ticket but he is only 7 star and i dont know how to make him neo vision

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