Insurgency Documentary – The Mod That Started it All | Gameumentary

EPISODE 1 of 3.

Escapist Magazine and Gameumentary are proud to present our first documentary series here on Escapist featuring the Insurgency franchise developed by New World Interactive.

The first episode delves into the beginnings of the Insurgency mod and how a group of modders came together to eventually create a full-fledged video game.

We’ll be doing a Live Premiere for each of the three episodes. Episode 2 will air on September 9th and the final episode will air on September 16th. We hope you enjoy it!

Interviews and Story by Nick Calandra
Editing and Cinematography by Omar Ahmed
Original Music by James Elsey
Original Artwork by Lauréline Chambon

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35 thoughts on “Insurgency Documentary – The Mod That Started it All | Gameumentary

  1. Hey folks,

    Thanks so much for tuning into our Insurgency documentary series here on Escapist. The series will be three episodes long and each episode is around this length. Episode 2 will air on September 9th via a Live Premiere at NOON EST, with Episode 3 to follow the following Monday at the same time and with a Live Premiere.

    These projects are completely funded in-house by Enthusiast Gaming and Escapist Magazine. They are meant to showcase the human stories behind the games you play while also giving you insight into how these games were made. If you want to see more projects like this from us, please share it around as that helps us out tremendously.

    If you're curious about the Kickstarter / Patreon credits, these are legacy credits for those that helped fund Gameumentary originally. As a thank you to those that supported it, we've elected to keep their names in the credits for all future Gameumentary projects.


    If you want to watch more documentaries produced by Gameumentary, you can find them here:

    If you liked the music in the documentary, you can purchase the soundtrack here to support the artist and Escapist:

    Thanks everyone and please enjoy,

    Nick Calandra
    Editor in Chief

  2. I've never played the first (Mod) Insurgency game, but i did played Insurgency (2, the one from 2014) and Insurgency: Sandstorm, and something i always loved in Insurgency is how you have pity and you feel bad/sad for both the Insurgent side and the Security side, kinda like how in INS2 both SEC and INS voices sounds quite young, which i feel add to the sad feeling

  3. I was a tester on the first's alpha's builds from the mod, i am really happy to see what INS have become today, back at the time when i was about 17 years old i could imagine INS like today. I miss a few people that i lost contact from that time… Minotauro (that last info i heard about him, is him was working to Blizzard was a EV designer), Imperator, Kevbo and others. Its funny because at that time i almost don't speak english… and learn it MUCH things about communications with the other testers from other countrys… INS really make a great diference in my life. Best regards to all TEAM!

  4. what a great documentary on the life of the game! I got into stand alone insurgency when it was fairly mature. Sandstorm is certainly one of my favourite games to play and I really click with the vision the devs have for the game. Nice work to everyone involved

  5. Ins 2014 was the first game that I bought on steam and it was also my first multiplayer fps game.
    I picked it up for myself and a friend of mine cuz it was on sale at that time was very cheap.
    I still remember when I played it for the first time, I was so confused with what was happening in game, objectives and all that good stuff lol.
    I couldn't even see who was killing me so I got in coop and that was the beginning of my journey.
    My reaction time, aim was pathetic, I couldn't even kill bots on easy difficulty on vanilla servers but having teammates on co-op helped me out and stopped me from quiting.
    As the time passed, I got better and faster, vanilla servers with 30 bots were no longer enjoyable so moved up to custom servers with harder ai and custom weapons theatre.
    Be it the ru servers, haha hardcore,sfw, 70 plus super hardcore bots on lol servers or bot massacre's tactical hardcore server, I've played everywhere at this point.
    Name's Gunner_R add me on steam if you're into ins coop, aalhuakbar.

  6. Wow. I haven't played any of the insurgency stand alone titles, but I purchased Half Live 2 only to be able to play the mod back in the days. I have fond memories of not leaving my home for days and playing the whole night during the school breaks.

  7. Its a shame. Source used to have such a big following. We had competitive teams, regular professional seasons, and some fantastic FPS players from a lot of legendary games (looking at you, COD 4 Promod). Miss those days. We still have a few PUGs going around every now and then, but nothing compared to what it used to be. I ran a pro team once that had well over 10000 hours between all of the players. We were one of the best teams in the world. Loved the game, still do, but NWI killed it. And now they are killing Sandstorm.

  8. love this. so glad you guys are going it. insurgency is one of the greatest games ever and i've been a fan of NWI games ever since!

  9. I think Insurgency would be more successfull if it had gone a bit more in the direction of realism. The first standalone game played a lot like Counter Strike. I would've loved the game even more with slower movement speeds and more focus on the hardcore aspects of it rather than trying to blend it with the more casual categories.

  10. Man I never knew the in-depth history of this little random game I found on steam nearly two years ago. Stories like this are always so awesome.

  11. Red Orchestra = Good
    Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat = Good
    Insurgency = Good
    Day of Infamy = BAD
    Sandstorm = BAD

  12. I'm one gamer that love Insurgency and all of NWI games as Japanese which I think is kind of rare. I played Insurgency for the first time around 2016 and it became the best game in my life. I played Day of Infamy a lot and got involved in the closed-beta of Sandstorm too. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of Sandstorm. Because I thought it wasn't the Insurgency I loved. However, after watching these Documentaries I changed my mind and felt shameful.
    I will keep on loving Insurgency and NWI as long as you guys making games. I will buy every single game you make. I Just want to say big "thank you" and love! <3

    oh and I decided to translate the subtitles into Japanese. Sorry for my terrible English. I hope I can be a part of Insurgency community and contribute to it.

  13. Man half life 2 did alot for gaming industry. just imagine how many other great games we would have had by now if they had just released half life 3.

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