How To Sell on Instagram & Facebook (New 'Shops' Method 2020)

Instagram and Facebook Shops is a new eCommerce platform that allows you to sell directly on Instagram and Facebook! This new Shops Method in 2020 will be a big eCommerce business opportunity for many. In this video, I share how to sell on Instagram and Facebook, strategies to prepare for the launch and how to take advantage of the algorithm changes and also how to connect Instagram and Facebook Shops as a new eCommerce platform to Shopify for anyone dropshipping or in eCommerce in general. This is a great new business idea for online business or people looking for new ecommerce platforms and business ideas to start online.

How To Sell on Instagram & Facebook (New ‘Shops’ Method 2020)

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28 thoughts on “How To Sell on Instagram & Facebook (New 'Shops' Method 2020)

  1. Can someone count how many times I say "integration" 😂
    Seriously though, no better time than now to get onto the eCommerce wave and take advantage of Instagram & Facebook Shops as an early-adopter.

    P.S. In the meantime while Shops releases, test your Facebook Ads expertise with this short quiz:

  2. 👏👏👏 I never started a e-commerce store, but it seems like the perfect time. Thanks for opening up my eyes.

  3. Hi Andrew, do you know how to do liquid coding for sticky animated add to cart button? I'm looking forward to your video on it if you can create a guide. Also do you know how to create liquid code for bulk discounts or upsell as well to increase average order value? I hope that you can make a video to code these liquid into the theme. Thank you.

  4. do i need a website in order to have this feature? if not I think its bye bye Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, do you agree? I would like to hear your opinion

  5. Just a heads up that Facebook will charge 5%, but there is no monthly fee. If you use Shopify to set up the store, Shopify will ALSO CHARGE 2% of items sold.

    Facebook says there will be no 5% fee until the end of June 30th.

    You can just set up your store directly with Facebook and skip the Shopify 2% fee. The little bit of extra work to skip the fee seems worth it.

    Can people reply to me if this is helpful and tell me what % of their sales come from FB & Insta? Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial, Andrew. Instagram and Facebook Shops are a big eCommerce business opportunity for many businesses. When it comes to IG marketing strategy tools and apps are very essential. Using the right and relevant tools will help you gain followers on IG. My favorite IG tools are YellowDuck .tv, Linktree, Canva, and Hootsuite.

  7. Hey Andrew, love your content. I’ve hit that like button! Just wondering how many products you recommend starting out with in a niche store, taking into consideration I’m a beginner in the drop shopping space? Would you mind if I flicked you my website for your opinion? Totally understand if you’re too busy.

  8. Yo youtube unsubbed me but i still got the notification, i resubbed because this channel is fire

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