How to repair .net framework on windows 10

How to repair or remove .net framework on windows 10

I am telling you how to repair windows 10 .net framework.
You need to check the .net version first through Microsoft’s page.
web page

Then download the setup file.
Download link

When you run setup directly, the repair screen will not appear.
At the command prompt run c: framework NPD472.exe / repair.

Other parameters

/quiet Optional: Do not display any user interface while performing the installation.
/passive Optional: Display the user interface, but do not request any interaction from the user.
/norestart Optional: If present, commands with /passive or /quiet will not automatically restart the machine (if required). This is ignored if neither /passive nor /quiet are specified.

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34 thoughts on “How to repair .net framework on windows 10

  1. This worked perfectly for me…..but for anyone having trouble with this…
    first ,run command prompt as administrator,by right clicking on the command prompt icon and selecting run as administrator…….
    Then type the location of your installation file eg C:UsersJoseph
    then input the name of the install file but use another backslash to separate e.g. NDP472.exe…..If this is a very long name and you don't feel like typing it,you can right click on the .net install file select "rename",but don't rename,just copy and paste the name into the elevated cmd in the appropriate part of the command.
    So C:UsersJosephNDPD72.exe /repair
    Note the space between the end of .exe and the / symbol….

    Anyway this worked for me..Thank you very much for a clear concise explanation…..subscribed bell liked etc…

  2. How do I change the drive, It does not even give me the option to install on the C drive ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. Not working for me. After i did all the steps when i launch a software it says i have to install net.framework manually and it crashes.

  4. Muchas gracias hablo español latino pero el tutorial estubo bueno y me sirvio en el 2020 y e visto mucho y solo este me funciono en window 10 pro suerte amigos

  5. i follow ur step it repair but still i can't install grammarly app.while installing same error appear

  6. I did everything I came up at the end but I get the disk full error even though my disk is empty. I'm writing a cmdye command and the disk is full, try again after freeing up space. What should I do?

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