How to Fix Net Framework Errors in Windows 8

Some programs that you may try to install on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 depend on an older version of the Microsoft .Net Frameworks. When you try to install them you’ll see a dialog box that says that there is some additional component required to run the installation, and that you can download and install that new feature, or skip it.
If you skip it, maybe the app won’t work at all, or it might be limited.
While the download and installation of new Windows features should work fine on most machines, for those using the Windows Server Update Services it may not.
You may get a “the following feature couldn’t be installed” error message when you click on the “download and install this feature” link in the prompt. The reason is that Windows tries to find the download using the Windows Server Update Services, but cannot find it there. Let’s review some options to solve this problem.

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Step # 1 – Download and Install Windows 8 Features Download Fix
You can use “Windows 8 Features Download Fix”, a software that will instruct your machine to forget the WSUS server when looking for these install files, and download directly from the “Windows Update” web server. Open your browser and type in the search bar: “Windows 8 Features Download Fix”. Click on the first link that appears.

In the site, click on the download button, then run the setup and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step # 2 – Reboot your computer

Next reboot your machine and try to install Net. Framework once more. You will now find that your machine will download from the Windows Update web server.

Step # 3 – Use an alternative method

If you prefer not to use a third-party software you can try this. Start the “Group Policy Editor” on your system. To do so type gpedit.msc on the Start Screen and select the result from the list.

Next navigate to “Computer”, then “Configuration”, “Administrative Templates” and “System”. Locate this option: “Specify settings for optional component installation and component repair”, and enable it.

The choose”Contact Windows Update directly” to download repair content instead of Windows Server Update Services. This should fix the error as well. And that’s it!

Result: Congratulations! You’ve just learned How to Fix .Net Framework Errors in Windows 8.


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