How to Download and Install dll. files

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dll files Download –

WinRAR 32bit –

WinRAR 64bit –

RegistryBooster – Go to ThePirateBay and look for it!
Then you will have Full version of RegistryBooster!

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37 thoughts on “How to Download and Install dll. files

  1. Registery booster is a bad program, its marked as a trojan by 3 antivirus software, and after some research I have found it really is not as useful as it sounds.

    I will go a head to Microsofts DLL web page, and download them manually there, and then install them manually, thats both an offical microsoft website and a safe for me to install method, instead of relying on a program to do it that may hide some very unwanted trojans.

  2. Is it possible to download data3.bin file for mortal kombat edition because I accidentally deleted my data3.bin file so now the game will not install

  3. i want to install the AURA_SDK.dll for the aura core, do I just drag and drop the file into th aura folder?

  4. I tried to download this for medal of honor allied asault.The freking file is in there but it says that its not. plz help

  5. Thank you so much dude!!!!!!! I have been having this problem on two of my computers when i was trying to run various games like fallout 4. Your little bubble about moving the dll files to the game folder actually just solved my problem in like 2 seconds because I had been trying to install them in the system registries instead of the actual game files where they were actually missing. Thanks a million bro

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