How to Become a Network Design Ninja

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In this video, Jeremy Cioara covers what is involved in network design and how it is completely different than network configuration. This in-depth webinar details the most important concepts relating to network design. This includes knowing the technology, keeping things simple, building from templates, monitoring and documenting.

After watching this video, you will understand all the important concepts that relate to quality network design. Jeremy describes how you need to know the technology inside and out. When creating network designs, he goes on to say, it is important to keep them as simple as possible. He further describes why building a network from a template can help you create standardized solutions. He insists, too, that you need to design all your devices to be monitored. Finally, he describes the importance of properly documenting your network design. He additionally answers the questions of those who were watching the webinar live.

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5 thoughts on “How to Become a Network Design Ninja

  1. The content is good and useful. Visio is good and looks professional but my favorite is Windows Paint, it's very flexible. Go ahead and laugh but try it.

  2. seriously… understanding English sounds is already hard.. trying to understand what this guy is saying in this poor sound quality is impossible

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