Control Your Home with NFC Tags & iOS 13!

Thanks to the new iOS 13 Shortcuts app, you can now use NFC chips for automation! In this quick video, we walk you through controlling your smart home through well-placed NFC tags!
We used these:

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50 thoughts on “Control Your Home with NFC Tags & iOS 13!

  1. NFC should be the future for sure I wish that all payment terminals would just accept nfc payments in USA to bad that not the case that would be great especially with things like corona virus happening that would really help in the spread of diseases

  2. How do you distinguish between the two cases of tapping the tag when leaving the house and tapping when returning to the house? Obviously one can use two distinct tags, and maybe that's what you do? But the way you phrased it implied it was the same tag, just two different routines running (or an if clause in the same routine) and I was wondering how you conditionalize. I can think of ever more baroque solutions (like toggle a HomeBridge virtual switch when you leave, and test it on return…) but maybe there is a trivial solution I'm missing?

  3. you forgot to compress your audio, some parts of the speech audio a little quieter(muffle) and some parts were louder

  4. I am using RFID on Debit Card to quickly see the balance in it and a NFC tag near my Sonos One speaker to AirPlay on it like on HomePod.

  5. the near field communication chipset only using for the door lock key and the poster advertising in metro for advertising

    it is for the POS ( point of sells ) terminal and the music speaker pairing

  6. Question for connecting speaker with Iphone
    How to connect with IOS device with NFC Bluetooth speaker?
    It can be possible when is 'already connected' then music play is possible,
    but If not, Unpaired status, NFC tag is useless to connect for iOS device.

    If I'm wrong, please tell me how to do it.

  7. WOW I wasn’t aware of this.
    Just one question: do I need a special lamp? Does the lamp need some wireless connection, or can I do it with every lamp?

  8. man every video of your I watch my eyes sight decreased little by little. Need to work on your focus game broh.

  9. What the fuck is wrong with humanity…. first we invented the switch, then the wifi controller for lighting, so as not to have to get up to the switch, and now because the search in the application takes too long, we invented the NFC lighting switch. Because the control application was badly designed, so finding the right device in the list takes more time than moving the ass to the device personally

  10. Your screen looks nothing like mine on my 10x iPhone
    All I want to do is some how
    Get it to open a Facebook
    Group page

  11. What would happen if I sat and laid my phone on the NFC tag? Would the shortcut workflow trigger over and over again?

  12. Provided you’ve bought every device that’s already wifi connected … and you’ve emptied your wallet !!!

  13. Appel user: I love the new Nfc feauter 🙂 .
    Every other Phone user on the planet: Realy, for you is Nfc "new"!? Nfc exist for us 13 years……

  14. Does the lightbulb have to be HomeKit compatable or does the short cut working using the app made for the lightbulb ?

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