Castrol Nexcel – Oil and Filter Change in 90 Seconds

Most people who drives will let the shop does the routine servicing for them, but for everyone else who prefers to do it themselves, Castrol have some fabulous news for you. The major part of servicing includes the most dreaded oil change. This seemingly simple process requires you to drain the oil, swap out the filter and then, top it up with fresh oil. it sounds simple enough, but its a dirty work (literally) that’s time consuming. However, with Castrol Nexcel, oil change is restricted to an easy-to-change unit. This sealed, spill-roof box…

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Video courtesy of Castrol
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10 thoughts on “Castrol Nexcel – Oil and Filter Change in 90 Seconds

  1. Motor Trend just did an article on these things. Each unit will have a chip inside, think like your printer cartridge. So no more Walmart oil deals. You buy a complete system, oil and oil filter are in the box, sealed. The dealer will set the price, it won't be cheap.

  2. I would love to be a part of this project I can see it not just changing lubrication in cars but also applications in marine and industry.

  3. This seems like a great idea, but Castrol would have to open source the technology and sit down with other oil companies to decide on a universal system. Otherwise, it will likely only be used by a few car companies or even a few models, where the prices would stay extremely high.

  4. Just another gadget and weight to add to the price of a car. Good luck because I think this will not catch on.

  5. What comes to mind is electric cars need no oil or maintenance really and that renewable plant and animal waste motor oils already exist for cars.

    It also looks like carbon fiber, these seem costly and how are they reused or recycled?

  6. No thanks. I'd rather spend more time and effort with less money. This looks like a $130 oil change gimmick. It doesn't take much to be responsible about oil changes either so recycling isn't an issue. It's bad enough car keys have chips these days now we need expensive oil changes? No way.

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