Angular lifecycle hooks | Angular lifecycle hooks interview questions

Angular lifecycle hooks are very useful while developing the application.

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All the lifecycle hooks in angular happened in orders like:

1: ngOnChanges()
2: ngOnInit()
3: ngDoCheck()
4: ngAfterContentInit()
5: ngAfterContentChecked()
6: ngAfterViewInit()
7: ngAfterViewChecked()
8: ngOnDestroy()

the above details can be a very good interview question in angular.

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5 thoughts on “Angular lifecycle hooks | Angular lifecycle hooks interview questions

  1. First, explaining docs topic can’t be interview questions….. what you had explain is documentation & tutorial topics, not an interview thing.. interview cover advance states vs lifecycle with little twists.
    Second, your logic may be clear but teaching skills are poor… work on speech delivery, correct pronunciations and stop saying “ this is what I meant “.
    Tip: Better do offline teaching then jump on online teaching.
    12 min waste… 😡

  2. Hi brother i can not understand what you explained, please explain each method with some changes then everyone can understand easily. apologies if you are hurt after reading this response.

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