【SUB】Trailer: "Real Life Barbie Doll" Dance Mentor LISA "人间芭比“舞蹈导师LISA | Youth With You 青春有你2| iQIYI

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46 thoughts on “【SUB】Trailer: "Real Life Barbie Doll" Dance Mentor LISA "人间芭比“舞蹈导师LISA | Youth With You 青春有你2| iQIYI

  1. She a Thai teenage with multiple talents, left home for dream. Encounter obstacle and barrier especially language barrier. That's why now for her, as her dream came true as an idol and as she has mastered Hangul that was once her biggest obstacle ,the language, no one can stop this girl now because she was a teenage when she lives alone in foreign country has overcome the worst of her life journey. So even though she also having language barrier in this program show but I believe as time been, she will do great.

  2. Who else is better than someone who actually experienced the hardship of trainee than being a trainee herself for 5 years and that’s Lisa.

  3. อยสกไห้ลิซ่าเเสดง ซีรีย์จัง อ้ะ เสียงๆดล็กคนนี้ เป็นใจไห้นะครับ😄

  4. It feels like our baby Lisayya grew up.. "A living barbie doll" this caption is only suitable for Lisa😘😍

  5. Lisa is such an amazing person❤️I'm really grateful that she's the mentor. And her words… Damn they touched my heart immediately and make me never give up on my dreams that are, in my opinion, impossible cuz I wanna be a singer and rapper too but my parents will never accept it and let me make my dreams come true. They badly want me to become a doctor (and I'm slowly becoming one since I go to medical school) and I would like to become a doctor but somehow singing is more me, singing is something I'm truly passionate about.

  6. When Lisa said: "As you try to achieve your dream you'll encounter many barriers, however no matter what you face I hope you continuosly move forward, and I will be gere to support you" Imma bout to cryyy 🥺❤ Iloveyou Lalisaaaa

  7. omfg she’s so strong🥺 how did a little girl went overseas for years without her parents by her side 🙁 she’s so disciplined and hard working

  8. Lissaaa, she is beauty,cute,very humble,she have talent, andddd,after watch this,sheeee is amazing, she say the words and that can make me cry…..huhuuu….she is very wise🖤🖤🖤🖤. there is one more thing that makes me cry, my English is very bad :(….sorry

  9. She is my idol and I wanna be like her too but I'm me and that's what I should be 💜

    But I don't know who I am or what I am I wanna be me but this is a problem I must find this me I try to find it and be me but sometimes the me isn't you it can be someone else that when you realize it you would get really depri….

    But maybe I can't change this life then next life…💜😊

  10. ชอบเสียงเวลาพูดไทยมากๆ

  11. This almost brought tears to my eyes . Trainees must really have it hard and Lisa feels them . They chose the right mentor

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